Good Morning

Good morning

Up and at them
A brand new day
But hold up a sec?
Where are the sun rays?

It looks chilly
It gon’ be cold
So, dress up warm
And don’t be bold!

Wear your scarf
Don’t be a fool
Sometimes you just
Don’t need to look “cool”!


A Gathering

A gathering
Of creative minds

Here we are
A collective
Like no other
Creative minds
All around
They create wonders

A wordly magician
Subtle to the core
A double-edged tongue
Stories, poems, scripts
In this realm or fantasia;
Where do they belong?

Click-clack, a shot
An eye for detail
And panoramic views
The camera, her weapon
A world full of subjects
Inspiration infused

Armed with a pen
Open-minded as can be
Ordinary in light
Swiftly written
Sharply edited
Supreme blogger by night

The kitchen his base
Knives in the armoury
Spices, veggies, meat and more
Chop-chop he goes
Tasty, this piece of art
A delish dish you will adore

With needles and thread
A cloth here, a button there
Outdoing the machine
Fixing, creating, surprising
Accompanied by a smile
Working neat and clean

Cakes or pie
Not the same
Tasty both are
Some glaze, fruits or whip
Time and effort
Sweet teeth beware

Brew brew, bro
With passion mixed
Barley, wheat and hops
Quenching thirsts
Enjoyed solo or grouped
Your stuff is of the top

Pencils to the left
Coloured ones to the right
A nice white sheet
What it will be
Only her mind knows
Nonetheless, a treat

Strong by ourselves
Most powerful as a group
Energy never spilled
Look at us be
We be what we are:
The Gathering

– Grey Shades