The Forgotten People

We are the…

The ones in the  superstores
The single working moms
The colored kids playing the keys
The flutes and the drums
The hardworking elderly
For all the bills that come
Working past 65
When all their energy is gone

The modern families
That consist of
Various races, orientations
Made strong by love
The punkbands by numbers
And the alternatives
The bands who play different styles
The smooth, mellow and rough

We are the forgotten people
You see us in the streets
We are here to stay
And make our ends meet

We are the ones
Living in the middle
Of this great nation
We keep on trying
To break the habit
To live and let live
We may not forget
But we might forgive

The ignorant ones
Leave us speechless
The unhelpful ones
Leave us bruised
We’re not sticking it
To the ones with voices
We also want to be heard,
Seen and understood

We are the forgotten people
Your neighbors and coworkers
The day-by-day hustlers
The packers, stackers and cleaners

You may be one of us
You might not know it
You may be one of them
And truly enjoy it
No matter the side
Trying to live instead of survive
We are all humans
Not wanting to struggle, but thrive

We may be forgotten
Or out of mind and sight
But we’ll make a comeback
We will turn on the light
One day after the next
Step by step, bit by bit
We will make it through
And end all of this

We are the forgotten people
But we will not stay hidden